Tree Trimming Plano

We see trees as an investment worth protecting, and for that reason we take the greatest of care when trimming and pruning trees. Without the proper techniques or foresight, tree trimming can accidentally cause lasting damage to a tree’s growth pattern and health, also opening the door for disease and infection. That’s why our Certified Arborists in Plano are expertly trained in trimming and pruning every type of tree in every type of condition, and especially in urban environments.

Proper Tree Trimming for Plano

Tree trimming is a regular practice that can help young trees set a stable, sustainable growth pattern, and for older trees, trimming and pruning offers a solution when trees are damaged, are becoming an obstruction, are interfering with natural or manmade surroundings, or have been affected by disease. Good tree trimming and pruning can help mitigate or fix these issues, but bad techniques performed by inexperienced contractors can cause lasting damage.

Bad tree trimming techniques, often called topping, tipping, or stubbing, can cause unclosed wounds around trees, lead to the onset of disease, or weaken the structural integrity of a once healthy tree. If tree trimming is not provided by a Certified Arborist, the tree or its surrounding area could be severely damaged.

Why Trim Your Trees

But when tree trimming is performed by experts, the process can lead to healthier, stronger, and longer lasting trees. Whether it’s to provide increased air flow, limit poor tree growth, or change the shape or direction of a tree, Dallas Tree Surgeons’ Certified Arborists are glad to consult and oversee the expert work performed on your trees. If you are in the Plano area, please give us a call.