Stump Grinding

When trees are removed, they leave behind unsightly and often times dangerous or unwelcome stumps. At PlanoTree Service, our fully insured team of Certified Arborists have the expertise to turn your stump from an eyesore into a natural extension of your lawn and landscape.

What is Stump Grinding

We prefer a method of stump removal called stump grinding, where the stump and its remaining root system are ground down into mulch. This is more environmentally friendly than uprooting a stump and tearing up a yard, and stump grinding also keeps homeowners from having to fill in unsightly or dangerous holes. Our service involves measuring a stump from visible root to visible root, then grinding the stump at 3 to 6 inches below grade. When we are finished, the mulch is left behind, at which point it can be used to fill in flower beds or add to compost piles. We will, however, haul the mulch off for an additional cost if desired.

Why Stump Grinding in Plano

We recommend stump grinding to any clients that are having a tree removed or currently have stumps in their yards. If stumps are left behind, a number of unwanted issues can arise, including personal injury. But long term issues may persist as well. When stumps are left behind, insects can use them as homes, leading to further plant and environmental problems in the surrounding areas; and if unchecked, stumps can promote the regrowth of certain trees, causing added expense and time lost. If you are looking to remove a tree or stump in Plano, you should go with an expert team of Certified Arborists that have been redesigning peoples’ landscapes for years. Give us a call for more information on pricing for stump grinding in Plano, Allen, Frisco, and McKinney.