Tree Planting

Most people know that trees beautify a homeowner’s property, but not everyone knows that trees are one of the most important and beneficial additions to a homeowner’s property.

Trees provide a number of measurable benefits, from filtering drainage water to reducing utility costs to adding real property value. And while trees can often grow without supervision in nature, this becomes nearly impossible in urban and suburban environments. Close and continued contact with humans causes a great deal of stress for trees, and often young trees die from outside factors, and especially from over- or under-watering.

That’s why you need a dedicated team of specialists to help you through the tree selection, planting, and maintenance process. Planting trees in the Plano area takes expert knowledge about trees, but also expert knowledge about the area. Certified Arborists can help homeowners determine what type of trees can thrive in different types of soil and landscapes, and what type of growth plan can be implemented to ensure trees reach their full potential for years to come. Trees that thrive well in the Plano area include Red Oaks, Burr Oaks, Live Oaks, Pecans, Cedar Elms, Chinese Pistachios, Lace Bark Elms, Cedar trees, Crape Myrtles, Purple Plums, Mountain Laurel, and Red Bud, to name just a few.

If you are thinking about planting trees on your property, you should speak with a Certified Arborist about the real financial and aesthetic benefits this can promote. Check with us to ensure you have the right planting location in Plano and a dedicated growth plan to ensure any new trees reach their full, healthy potential.