Tree Preservation
If you own property, tree preservation can be one of the most important steps you take to maintain the property’s aesthetic and financial values. While most people enjoy the beauty that trees provide, many people take for granted the many benefits they provide.

Having trees on your property can increase the property’s overall value, but it can also help cut down on other financial costs, such as heating and cooling. Furthermore, trees improve a property’s habitat, promoting environmental growth, draining storm water, and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. While these are all excellent reasons to have trees, trees must be maintained in a systematic way so that they stay healthy in urban environments and continue to offer their financial upsides.

If possible, the maintenance of a tree should always be proactive rather than reactionary. Being proactive with tree maintenance will ensure the longevity of your trees and cut down on associated costs. Dallas Tress Surgeons’s plant health care programs are designed specifically to help you preserve and promote the trees on your property. When one of our certified arborists shows up at your home, you know you’re getting the most experienced arborist with the most up-to-date, scientific data.

Our arborists can help with every step of the tree preservation process, from tree trimming to tree fertilization to tree removal. Trees should be regularly pruned and trimmed to maintain their health and the safety of surrounding property. When a tree limb or trunk becomes compromised, it can effect the rest of the tree. Insect infestation or debilitating tree diseases, in many cases, can be prevented with proper, proactive tree trimming, maintenance, and care. At the same time, proper fertilization and aeration are essential to promote a natural habitat in urban environments. Construction, weather, and people can all cause stresses on a tree, but a certified arborist will be able to advise you on the best practices for tree preservation in your specific area. If maintained properly, trees can provide financial, social, and aesthetic benefits for a lifetime.