Insect Control

Insects can be beneficial to an ecosystem, but certain types can be detrimental to the overall health of your trees. Beetles, bagworms, ants, termites, and webworms are all problem insects in North Texas. When trees are stressed and suffering from weakened heath, these insects become a problem. Normal insect feeding and breading patterns intensify, and ultimately this can lead to the irreversible destruction of a tree.


Insects attack tree leaves, they can nest in and bore-out bark, and in some cases they can even lead to the destruction of a tree’s roots. What’s just as bad, these harmful insects can eliminate other beneficial insects and begin to destroy the surrounding habitat.


Many people delay or ignore recurring insect and tree issues, and some try to handle the issues on their own. But many times people apply the wrong methods or end up eliminating healthy organisms in the habitat. Likewise, many people believe that the winter season will solve the problem, but this simply is not true. Insect infestations are serious issues that need to be handled by certified arborists equipped with solutions that won’t exasperate the problem or cause more problems in the immediate habitat. Our professionals will assess the situation and apply proven treatments over the course of the summer, spring, and fall months, promoting the long and sustainable lives of your trees.


Whenever possible, insect treatments are injected directly into the vascular system of the tree whenever possible. This application method protects the environments, eliminating pesticides exposure to humans, pets and groundwater. (*Organic incest treatments are available for everything except for beetles and boring insects. Organic insecticides are our preferred method of choice)


Dallas Tree Surgeon services are performed by certified arborists that are also TDA licensed applicators. These licenses allow for higher potency treatments that over-the-counter products do not contain, and as a result fewer applications are required than if the customer did it themselves. Also, our customers have the added benefit of the same crew providing consecutive treatments meaning that it will always be the same team arriving to closely monitor the progress of your trees.