Deep RootFertilization/ Plant Health Care

A majority of the problems that trees and plants face in urban environments come from poor soil quality. Poor soil quality leads to a decrease in the amount of nutrients, minerals, or water a tree’s root system can absorb, and in turn this can lead to weak or sick trees. Unlike trees and plants in rural areas, trees in urban environments live in soil that has generally been stripped of the beneficial macro and micro nutrients that trees need to grow strong and repel harmful agents like insects or disease. Thankfully, proper fertilization is the best way to improve and ensure the long-term health and growth of trees and plants, and in urban environments this is incredibly important.

At Plano Tree Service, our Certified Arborists are trained in the modern methods, science, and ecology of optimal fertilization practices. Our Certified Arborists create a special in-house blend of macro and micro nutrients that work best for trees in the Plano area, and we adjust that blend in accordance with the season, weather, and specific kind of plant life. Using mycorrhizal fungi and selectively placed treatments, root systems can grow, strengthen, and turn around floundering trees.

Deep Root Fertilization is the best way to accomplish this. Our process involves injecting our in-house blend of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals deep into the soil where trees’ root systems can best absorb them. This decreases the chances that the fertilizer blend will simply mix in to untapped soil or be directed to other plants. We generally use this system throughout the year, adjusting out fertilizer blends and regularly performing on-site checks to make sure the tree is properly flourishing.

If you are interested in maximizing your tree’s growth, or if you think you have a sick tree or depleted soil, call one of our Certified Arborists in Plano.