Disease and Insect Control

Disease and insect control can be one of the hardest issues for homeowners to handle. Because many diseases or insects are hard to identify, sick trees can be in very bad shape before a problem is detected. It takes a Certified Arborist to identify the many different kinds of diseases and insects that can cause damage to trees and surrounding environments. If left unchecked, the spread of insects and diseases can leave an entire landscape devastated.

But our Certified Arborists in Plano have worked in the area for a long time, and they are knowledgeable about the different types of insects and diseases that are native to the region, as well as the various types of tree and plant life. We try to get out ahead of any tree and plant problems by taking homeowners through tree care plans that includes regular soil, plant, and maintenance checks. When plants are fertilized and watered correctly, trees are strong enough to fight off many causal agents that can damage them.

But even healthy trees can succumb to outside factors. Bacteria, viruses, insects, and even urban issues like compacted soil or construction can lead to tree disease. In the Plano area alone you will find Oak Wilt, Boring Insects, Slime Flux, Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Leaf Spot, and Hypoxylon Canker, to name just a few of the agents that are working against your tree’s health. That’s why our team of Certified Arborists use eco-friendly solubles to combat the spread of insects and plant diseases. When you call Dallas Tree Surgeons, you will consult with one of our trained arborists to identify the exact nature of the tree or plant problem, and once identified, we will lay out a clear step by step process to mitigate or correct the issue.