Tree Preservation and Construction Mitigation

Construction is extremely stressful to established trees but can take years for this stress to be seen in the canopy. Once a tree suffers construction damage, it’s impossible to reverse the harm. If your goal is to preserve established trees at a construction site, it’s best to consult a certified arborist BEFORE any construction begins. With careful planning, many trees can be saved.

Construction impacts trees in various ways. Trees suffer root loss from trenching, excavating, and grading. Large construction equipment and excessive pruning for clearance can both damage a tree’s canopy. That same large equipment and excessive foot and vehicular traffic compact the soil around a tree and negatively impact its roots. Construction often results in a change to the moisture levels around a tree either by making the surrounding soil drier or moister with drainage and grade changes.

Dallas Tree Surgeons is committed to preserving trees when possible. Please contact us long before moving that first shovel of dirt so we can create the best possible construction plan for your site’s trees.