• Live Oak Plano

Live Oak


Live Oak trees can be found through out Texas in both urban and suburban environments. Like most trees they prefer rich well drained soils but can still thrive in parking lots and line sidewalks. Older neighborhoods in Dallas such as Highland Park, the M streets, Preston Hollow, and Oakcliff, have […]

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Pecan Tree


The pecan is a large deciduous tree. It can be identified by its gray layered bark . The leaves are alternate, slender, and have a small serrated edge that come to a point at the end. The most identifiable feature of the pecan is of courses the pecan fruit. They […]

  • Magnolia Plano



The magnolia is a medium to large tree able to reach heights of 90 feet or more. The bark is grayish brown and smooth. The leaves are thick and large reaching 2-3 inches across and 6-8 inches long with a leathery quality to them. The flowers of magnolia trees are […]